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Analyzing the 2012 Buffalo Bills Draft Class: Part 1

April 30, 2012

Buddy Nix sure doesn’t mince words and this weekend’s draft is a testament to that. Nix and the Buffalo Bills front office set out to find players that could help this franchise take that next step into playoff contention. After evaluating the nine players they selected it seems like they’ve accomplished that feat. Going into the draft the Bills’ most pressing areas of need were offensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback and linebacker. By 8:00 PM Saturday the Bills selected two offensive tackles, two linebackers, two corners, and one receiver (along with a guard/center and a kicker). The Bills found value with just about every pick and found talent and depth in their biggest areas of need. After some careful analysis this is what I think I think of the Bills 2012 draft class.

Best Pick: Stephon Gilmore (1st Round Pick, 10th Overall)
Taking into consideration the perceived value of landing players like Cordy Glenn and Zebrie Sanders in the spots they did, Gilmore still gets the nod as the team’s best pick in the draft. Gilmore will likely start from day 1 opposite of Aaron Williams and instantly becomes the most talented cornerback on the roster. He’s drawn comparisons to a mixture between Antoine Winfield for his physical prowess and Nnamdi Asomugha for his coverage abilities. He started 40 consecutive games in the best conference in college football and locked down opposing number one receivers for past three seasons. The Bills’ secondary has been adequate for years but they now have a legitimate shut-down corner prospect that should pair nicely with Williams to form a solid 1-2 duo.

Best Value: Cordy Glenn (2nd Round Pick, 41st Overall)
I’m really not trying to go in order here and I honestly could’ve put Sanders’s name in this spot as well but I had Glenn projected as my number two rated offensive tackle behind Matt Kalil and number 14 overall on my big board (yes I’m that big of a loser that I had a big board). Glenn should come in immediately and push Chris Hairston for the starting left tackle job out of camp. He’ll likely have some growing pains adjusting to speed rushers in the NFL but the guy is an unbelievable athlete for his size. “Draft experts”, and I use that term very loosely, like Mel Kiper project him as a guard or right tackle in the NFL and can’t see him on the blind side. Kiper and his butt buddy Todd McShay also had Aaron “Mayhem” Maybin pinned as the second-coming of Dwight Freeny so you can guess how much I value their opinions. Glenn is massive and if he’s able to drop 10-15 pounds and get down to the 330-335 lbs range he shouldn’t have any problem making the leap to left tackle in the NFL.

Quick Overview on T.J. Graham

April 27, 2012

Here’s a quick profile I wrote on Graham during Senior Bowl practice week a few months ago. I’ll do a more in depth write-up later on tonight.

T.J. Graham, NC State: Graham being number two on this list should tell you that there aren’t many early round receiver prospects present in Alabama this week. That’s no knock against Graham because he is an explosive player who has the potential to be a game breaker for any team that drafts him. Graham’s explosiveness was mostly on special teams however, and caught a career-best 46 passes in 2011 for the Wolf Pack. There’s no doubt he’s a burner and will likely record a top end 40-time at the combine but his future in the NFL will likely never take him out of the slot. At 5’11” 176 he will struggle against press coverage and won’t be a threat to go across the middle. Depending on where he falls (projected 2nd to 3rd) he would be a nice replacement for Roscoe Parrish when he almost definitely leaves via free agency this offseason, but it would be a shock to see the Bills take a chance on another gadget player.”

Bills Trade Up to Pick 69

April 27, 2012

This has gotta be Mohamed Sanu. 

Day 2 Draft Primer

April 27, 2012

Here’s a quick look at some possible scenarios that could happen for the Bills in the second round today.

Sleepers at 41

Lavonte David, LB, Nebraska: David has been compared Panthers linebacker Jon Beason and looks tailor-made to play outside linebacker in the Bills 4-3 front. He has elite-level speed and plays sideline to sideline. His size (6-1, 233 lbs) is the only reason he wasn’t selected in the first sound but he’s great at understanding leverage and angling himself to shed bigger blockers. He’s great at diagnosing plays and would be an immediate upgrade over Kirk Morrison on the strong side. He would probably start from day one.

Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall: Sure the Bills probably don’t need another defensive end but Curry, in my opinion, is the best pass rusher in this entire draft. He comes from Conference USA so it’s doubtful you’ve seen much tape on him and he’ll be knocked for not playing against elite level competition but Curry just gets after the quarterback. He uses his hands extremely well and uses a solid bull rush to get into the backfield. Curry would have the opportunity to learn behind Mario Williams and Mark Anderson for a season or two before he would have to be counted on to be a consistent contributor. If you buy into the New York Giants’ philosophy of never having enough pass rushers then Curry is the logical pick. If he’s available at 41 he will probably be the best player on the board.

Keep Away at 41:

James Brown, OT, Troy: Brown is projected as one of the best players still available in the second round but using an early second round pick on him would be a stretch. He’s not a dominant run blocker and needs to spend some time in the weight room to build up some more strength. He will likely need to spend time on the right side before making the switch to left in the NFL. Jonathan Martin and Cordy Glenn are far and away better prospects so if they’re both off the board Nix should look to fill another need.

Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State: Rumors are running rampant that Cousins is expected to be the next quarterback selected in the draft and that he’s likely to be drafted early on tonight. The Bills could definitely use a developmental quarterback but a player like Arizona’s Nick Foles or Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson in the third or fourth round are much better options.

Please Be There at 41:

Cordy Glenn: Glenn was my favorite offensive tackle coming into this draft so if he’s available for the Bills in the second round I may just shit myself. He’s an immediate upgrade over Chris Hairston and while he may need some fine tuning before he’s ready to take over full time on the left side, has the potential to be a Jason Peters-like player. Glenn is a no-brainer if he’s available.

Jonathan Martin: The Bills evidently had Martin ranked as their second best offensive tackle behind Matt Kalil so he seems like he’ll be the pick if he’s available at 41. I’ve made my thoughts on Martin clear over the last few weeks and even though I didn’t think he was a great first round prospect, getting him in the second would be a coup. He seems to be NFL-ready from day 1. He’s extremely athletic and is one of the most intelligent players in this draft. Martin would fill a huge hole and is great value in the second.

Ruben Randle: I haven’t written much about Randle over the last few weeks but after looking at the board and sifting through the rumors today he seems like the best receiver that will be available at 41. Randle has ideal size (6-3, 210 lbs), explosiveness and solid hands. He was projected to go in the first round by some draftnicks so he’s great value if he falls to the Bills. Randle would look great standing across from Stevie J next season. With Stephen Hill and Brian Quick looking like they’ll be selected in the early second, Randle would be the best receiver available if he falls to 41.

Live Streaming Draft Coverage on Bleed Buffalo

April 26, 2012

To those of you out there who say Christmas comes but once a year, you’re clearly not a football fan. 10 minutes and counting to the start of the greatest night in all of sports. Also follow @rjandolina on twitter for continued coverage.
Feel free to argue with me but honestly I couldn’t give a shit what you have to say….

That’s it for tonight folks but tune in tomorrow for more coverage. I’ll be posting a couple articles on best players still available for the Bills in the second and a quick recap at some point tonight if I don’t get too drunk. Either way keep checking in and thanks for Bleeding Buffalo!!!!

11:05: I’m going to jump the gun on this one: With the 32nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the defending Champion New York Giants select David Wilson, RB Virginia Tech. 
***They needed some help in the backfield but he’s a little too similar to Bradshaw. Really don’t love this pick when Jonathan Martin and Cordy Glenn on the board but it does address a need.

10:56: Tampa Bay selects Doug Martin with the 31st pick
***Great pick. Takes a ton of pressure off of Blount. Great first round for the Bucs with Barron and Martin.

10:55: Tampa Bay trades back into the first with Denver for the 31st pick, it’s going to be Boise State’s Doug Martin. 

10:48: San Francisco selects some receiver named Jenkins from Illinois
****Jim Harbaugh should be thanking Caroll because now they’ve just selected the second worst player in the first. I had Jenkins projected as a third rounder in this draft. This reminds me ALOT of Rashaun Woods. Cordy Glenn, Stephen Hill, Jonathan Martin, and Upshaw still available. That’s HORRIBLE value.

10:44: Minnesota Vikings select Harrison Smith
****HAHAHAHAHA Dear god did Pete Caroll just take over for Leslie Frasier? He definitely would’ve been there with the 35th pick. The Vikings were looking good after the Kalil pick but revert back to their horrible drafting ways with this one.

10:42: Vikes trade up to 29 with the Ravens. Ravens get picks 35 and 98. 

10:37: Green Bay Packers select Nick Perry
***Again, Courtney Upshaw is on the board for you Dom Capers and you pick a workout hero? Upshaw does nothing but produce and would’ve looked amazing across the field from Clay. Bad pick.

10:33: Cincinnati Bengals select Kevin Zeitler
***Cordy Glenn’s still on the board Marvin. Zeitler is a good player but bad value with Glenn on the board.

10:29: Houston selects Whitney Mercilus
***Another solid value pick. He’s not going to make people forget about Super Mario but it’s a step in the right direction.

10:23: After trading up with the Broncos for the 25th pick, the Patriots select Dont’a Hightower
***Kiper and McShay are sure to suck the Patriots dick for this draft. And as much as it pains me to say it, they probably deserve it. Like this pick a lot more than Jones. Great first round for the Pats.

10:22 Pittsburgh Selects David DeCastro
***Pittsburgh fines a huge steal here to. DeCastro is an awesome pick, really solidifies that interior o-line.

10:19: With Calvin Johnson making the selection the Detroit Lions select Riley Reiff
***Hell of a value pick for Detroit. Reiff was once projected as a top ten pick. Best value pick so far. Except for Bruce Irvin of course, hahahahahahahahahah. No but seriously great pick.

10:12: Cleveland Brown select Brandon Weeden
*** I figured this would happen but I honestly can’t say I like the pick. He’s a solid QB but he’ll have to start right away.

10:10: New England Patriots select: Chandler Jones
*** Interested to see where they’ll put him but they needed a pass rusher and they got one with Jones. This is a pretty good pick if the Pats are running primarily out of a 4-3 this year. Don’t know if he’ll be able to stand up in a 3-4.

10:05: Tennessee Titans select Kendall Wright
***Solid pick but they could have used a pass rusher. Mercilus and Jones still on the board, Wright is a bit of a stretch.

10:02: Patriots trade up to 21 for picks 27 and 93 (3rd rounder). Pick is going to be Chandler Jones. 

10:00: Bears select Shea McLellin
***I really don’t like this pick. With Chandler Jones and Whitney Mercilus on the board you pick McLellin? He’s a high motor guy but this is a stretch.

9:53: Chargers select Melvin Ingram
***Unbelievable value for the Chargers. Takes a ton of pressure off an aging Shaun Phillips and lets Jarrett Johnson come off the field on passing downs. Ingram’s undersized but he’ll be able to just go out at get the quarterback.

9:46: Bengals select Dre Kirkpatrick
****Solid pick for “who dey” nation. Leon Hall won’t play next year so Kirkpatrick will start off the bat. He’s a guy I like a lot. Great value at 17. If they can somehow pull off DeCastro at 21 this will be another fantastic draft for Cincy. Go Reds!!!!

9:37: Jets select Quinton Coples
*****Ingram and Chandler Jones on the board and you pick the laziest guy on the board and he can’t play outside linebacker. Didn’t you just draft Mohammed Wilkerson last year Rex? Awful pick, good luck trying to motivate him.

9:30: Seahawks select Bruce Irvin

9:27: Rams select Michael Brockers
****Solid pick Rams. They have a boat load of ammo to move back into the first round if they want to scoop a receiver like Hill or Wright. Brockers will fill in nicely next to Kendall Langford and Chris Long.

9:18: Cardinals select Michael Floyd. 
****Larry Fitzgerald is creaming in his pants right now. He’s going to look good standing across the field from the league’s best receiver.

9:16: Pick is In for Arizona. This is going to be Floyd.

9:11: With the 12th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Mississippi St DT Fletcher Cox
***Great pick, best d tackle in the draft. He makes that Philly d-line a ton better. Cole, Cox, Jenkins, Babin=pretty scary front four.

9:05: Philadelphia Eagles trade up to 12 for the 14th and a 4th and 6th.

9:04: With the 11th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Dontari Poe
***Don’t like the pick too much but the Chiefs needed a nose. Cox can’t play nose in 3/4.

8:59: With the 10th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft Your Buffalo Bills select South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore
***Love the pick, in the article I posted before the draft started I said that he would be their top choice. He’s a shutdown corner with playmaking potential. Buddy Nix showed his cards a bit last week with this one.  

8:59: Here we go, Boomer giving the pick away:

8:57: Of course they’re doing a huge look back when it’s the Bills turn to pick. Fuck you ESPN!!!!

8:56: Bills on the clock this has to be Stephon Gilmore.

8:54: Pick is in:
With the 9th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Carolina Panthers select Luke Kuechly.
***Solid pick for a team that struggles keeping their linebackers healthy. Will likely start on the strong side with Beason and Thomas Davis.

8:51: Carolina’s pick is in, BILLS ARE ON THE CLOCK FOLKS. 

8:49: With the 8th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill
***Good, take him. I’ve made it clear that I’m not of fan of Tannehill. If he doesn’t pan out at QB for Miami he would probably be their number one wide receiver, hahahahahahahaha.

8:46: Pick is in:
**** Please GOD be Ryan Tannehill, don’t let him fall to the Bills.

8:45: With the 7th pick in the NFL Draft the Buccaneers select Alabama S Mark Barron
****Son of a bitch.

8:44: Buccaneers are definitely past time here, why is Miami not running to the podium to pick Tannehill.

8:40: Really looks like the Bucs are trying to trade down. If they stay I would guess this is going to be Luke Kuechly.

8:37: Pick is in:
With the 6th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select LSU CB Morris Claiborne
***This is why I love the NFL draft folks. I honestly thought this was going to be Barron but the Cowboys pick the best player on the board and only give up a second rounder to do it. Solid pick Jerry as much as it kills me to admit it. Brandon Carr and Claiborne are going to be scary together.

8:36: Wow nevermind this looks like Morris Claiborne actually folks.

8:31: The Dallas Cowboys trade the 14th overall pick along with their second round pick (45th overall pick) to the St. Louis Rams for the 6th overall pick.
***This is going to be Mark Barron. Sorry Bills fans 

8:30: The Pick is In:
With the 5th overall pick in the NFL draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon

8:27: The Jacksonville Jaguars trade the 7th overall pick along with their 4th round pick to the Tampa Bay Bucs for the 5th overall pick.
***Justin Blackmon will be the pick 

8:26: Pick is in
***With the fourth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select USC OT Matt Kalil
–I’m not going to lie to you I’m a bit surprised by this one. That just shows you, you can’t listen to everything Shefter, Kiper and McShay say. Great pick in the end and they add three more picks in the process.

8:23: Looks like the Jags swapped spots with Tampa Bay: Here comes Blackmon. 

8:23: Vikes are going to pick Kalil here.

8:22: Minnesota’s pick is in before Richardson even gets to the podium.

8:21: Now the Draft really begins folks. It’s going to get interesting.

8:16: Pick is in:
With the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select Alabama RB Trent Richardson
****Some may think they gave up too much to pick him up but Richardson is the best back to come out of college since Adrian Peterson. The Browns will look to wide receiver with the 22nd pick most likely now to try to build up that offense.
8:13: Just kidding, that was for my Redskins fan followers out there.
With the Second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select Robert Griffin III
****Great pick, can’t say much more than that

8:09: Pick is in for the Redskins:

AND IN A SHOCKING MOVE DANIEL SNYDER SELECTS SHANE MATTHEWS not realizing he retired five years ago.

8:05: Thank you, you douche Jim Irsay for not taking more than a couple minutes:
*With the First pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck
-Not even going to evaluate this one

8:01: Laconfora reporting that the Jags are exploring moving up to draft Justin Blackmon. Reportedly won’t move up past five however. I’m sure if Claiborne goes four to the Vikes, the Bucs will be more than willing to listen to offers.

8:00: And HERE WE GO!!!!!!!

7:45: Let’s start it off the right way with a pretty interesting trade about half hour before the Colts are even on the clock:
Cleveland trades 4th overall pick tonight along with a 4th, 5th and 7th rounder to Minnesota to move up to the number 3 pick.
***To those of you out there who are surprised by this move don’t be. The Buccaneers were seriously interested in moving up to get Alabama running back Trent Richardson. The Browns clearly had their eyes set on Richardson and I don’t blame him, he’s clearly the best player in this draft after the two QBs.

The Case For: Drafting Stephon Gilmore at 10

April 26, 2012

Great Idea: Because Gilmore would start opposite of Aaron Williams from Day 1 and immediately upgrade a secondary with some serious question marks. Drayton Florence looked lost last season and took a significant step back from a 2010 campaign that earned him a big pay day. Terrence McGee’s career reads like a Shakespearian tragedy in terms of injuries and Leodis McKelvin has become a bust of epic proportions. Gilmore would bring legitimacy to the weakest part of the Bills up-and-coming defense. He has the potential to be a lock-down corner at the NFL level.

Terrible Idea: Two weeks ago I would’ve never conceived this pick but I honestly can’t make a case for this being a bad idea. He’s not quite at the level of Morris Claiborne but he’s certainly worthy of a top ten pick.

In the End: If it comes down to Gilmore and Mark Barron I honestly believe Gilmore is the pick. He addresses a serious need and has elite potential.

Making the Case for: Taking Michael Floyd at Ten

April 26, 2012

Great Move: Because Floyd’s probably the most complete receiver in this draft, yes even over Justin Blackmon. Floyd has the speed to make plays deep and he’s one of the most refined route runners in the draft. He will be an immediate upgrade over the rabble that consists of Donald Jones, Derek Hagan, Marcus Easley and to a lesser degree David Nelson. He will take coverage away from Stevie Johnson and provide Ryan Fitzpatrick the versatile target that he was dying for by the end of last season. Floyd may not have the game breaking potential that Blackmon does but he’s more polished and will likely be able to significantly contribute faster than the Oklahoma State product.

Terrible Move: Because Floyd’s isn’t a game breaker. Don’t get me wrong, he has all of the attributes you look for in a receiver: solid hands, good speed, great size; but he doesn’t have the same flash that a player like Blackmon possesses. Floyd’s of the field issues (multiple not singular) are troubling. I understand being a college kid and getting busted once for alcohol related activities but getting nailed for multiple DUI’s is unacceptable and makes you question a player’s character.

In the End: The Bills will pass on Floyd at ten because he’s not the best player on the board and the character issues have caught up to him. Floyd would be a solid upgrade to the Bills rag-tag crew of undrafted receivers but this draft is loaded with depth and talent at receiver. The Bills can find a quality producer in the second or third round who can contribute early in his career.

Making the Case for: Trading up to get Matt Kalil

April 26, 2012

Great Move: Because Kalil is far and away the best left tackle prospect in this draft. He’s an elite pass protector and can hold his own in the run game. His athleticism is unparalleled amongst offensive linemen in the draft.  Kalil offers an immediate upgrade over Chris Hairston on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s blind side and will bolster the left side of a line that already features two up and coming stars in center Eric Wood and left guard Andy Levitre. He has the promise to be what we’d hoped Mike Williams was going to be.

Terrible Move: Because Kalil isn’t Joe Thomas or Jake long. Don’t get me wrong he’ll be a solid player at the next level but I just don’t have him projected as an elite-level tackle. When you’re gambling with multiple picks, and possibly future picks, you’re looking for characteristics that demonstrate a difference maker.  He’s solid protecting the passer but his run blocking is marginal at best. He’s just not the full package. Mortgaging your future if even slightly is a major risk for a guy who has some noticeable holes in his game.

In the end: The Bills will pass on the opportunity to trade up for Kalil. Buddy Nix can’t afford to give up valuable picks in the second, third or possibly even first next year for a team that’s a few players away from contending. The theory is extremely enticing and the idea of having a franchise-type left tackle is sure to have some of the Bills faithful salivating. At the end of the day however, he just won’t be worth what it will cost to move into the top five to get him. This is a completely different discussion if he somehow falls to the Bills at ten however. If he’s there at ten it’s a no brainer.

Players to Avoid at Ten

April 26, 2012

Alright, enough of this sifting through rumors bull shit it’s getting old and if I try to speculate on all of them I’ll be up until 4 AM tonight. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. When the Bills are on the clock tomorrow there will be a multitude of prospects available that have the potential to come in and contribute to this team immediately. Luke Kuechly could step in and be an impact player at strong side linebacker; Mark Barron could be the ball hawking safety we wished Donte Whitner was going to become; Stephon Gilmore or Dre Kirkpatrick could start opposite of Aaron Williams to give an immediate boost to the secondary; and Michael Floyd could be the play-making number two receiver opposite of Stevie Johnson that the Bills desperately need. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are a contingency of players that could/will fall to ten that could have the adverse effect on the franchise if they’re the choice.

Ryan Tannehill: I’ve made my impressions of Tannehill well known over the last few weeks. I think he will be drastically overdrafted in the early first round and that the opinions of Kiper and McShay are pushing him in that direction. I’ve made comparisons to Tannehill and Blaine Gabbert recently. Don’t get me wrong I believe Tannehill is the superior prospect but he doesn’t have top ten talent. I understand the importance of finding a franchise quarterback and realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t that but he’s good enough in the meantime. For a team that has the capability to contend now, they need to find a player that can contribute immediately. Tannehill might be good down the road but he will certainly need some seasoning before he can make an impact.

Jonathan Martin: Martin kept the “once in a lifetime quarterback prospect” Andrew Luck upright for the last three seasons and his experience on the left side of Stanford’s o-line is impressive. He’s a solid pass blocker and his intelligence is unparalleled in this class. Martin is not built for the NFL however. Sure he could develop into a solid left tackle by gaining some weight and living in the weight room for a season or two but again he won’t hold up well early in his career. Martin is a liability in the run game as well. Chan Gailey likes to run behind Eric Wood and Andy Levitre and Martin would make the left side more of a liability. Unfortunately Martin is the Bills top rated offensive lineman behind Matt Kalil according to Buffalo Rumblings. Chris Hairston is a better option than him at this point and Martin’s stock is plummeting by the day. Joe Buscaglia has him falling out of the first round completely and falling to the Bills in the second. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have a problem with Buddy Nix grabbing him as a value pick.

Riley Reiff: Reiff has pretty much been eliminated from contention for the tenth pick at this point but there’s no harm in reiterating the fact that the Iowa product is a right tackle at the next level. You can argue this point until your blue in the face but Reiff is a half-second slow off the snap and could be a liability in pass protection. Some people argue that Iowa is an offensive lineman factory but they haven’t produced an NFL-caliber player since Eric Steinbech (sorry Robert Gallery). Reiff should be a solid right tackle in the league but again the Bills need a blind side protector who is good enough to beat out Hairston. Reiff may be able to shift to the left side a few years into his career but he needs some seasoning.

Dre Kirkpatrick: It may seem like I’m contradicting myself here but Kirkpatrick just isn’t great value at ten. He’s definitely a first round talent, even a top-20 prospect for that matter, but if Morris Claiborne and Gilmore are both gone at ten the Bills shouldn’t reach for Kirkpatrick. If they slide down a few spots with a team like the Cowboys, Jets or Bengals, Kirkpatrick would be a great pick.

Cordy Glenn: I have Glenn rated as my second-best offensive tackle in this draft (third best lineman after Kalil and David DeCastro) but he’s a serious reach at ten. He’s incredibly athletic for his size and a monster in the run game but needs to drop a few lbs to be a more effective pass protector on the left side. Again if the Bills can slide down to the late teens or early 20s Glenn would be an ideal fit.

Sifting Through Casserly’s Rumor Mill

April 25, 2012

It’s crunch time folks. We’re less than 24 hours away from Roger Goodell announcing that the Indianapolis Colts are on the clock to officially open the 2012 NFL Draft . Over the next 22 hours of so you’re going to hear a plethora of rumors, speculation and outright insanity coming from every angle. One such rumor came earlier tonight from former NFL Executive and current NFL Analyst Charley Casserly via Twitter that the Buffalo Bills may have an interest in moving up tomorrow to select USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil. Keep in mind that the big rumor yesterday was that the Bills were “extremely interested” in Alabama safety Mark Barron. Last week it looked as though they were leaning heavily towards South Carolina corner Stephon Gilmore. A month ago we were talking about guys like Riley Reiff and Michael Floyd. And the circle goes round and round.

One thing to keep in mind this late in the game is that about 90% of the rumors you here over the next 24 hours are just conjecture with very little factual backing. In terms of Casserly’s latest report I wouldn’t get too excited about the Bills jumping up earlier in the top ten. In his three years and two drafts as the head shot caller for the Bills, Nix has never traded up in the draft in any round. The team has actually stood pat with every pick over the last two years. Nix has been quoted on multiple occasions that he is adamantly against giving up picks and that in this draft in particular he would like to add more picks. I’m sure the Bills are high on Kalil but at this point I wouldn’t put much stock into this rumor.

Another rumor that Casserly has tossed out in recent days is that if Ryan Tannehill falls to ten the Bills would select him with that pick. Before even putting much effort into discrediting this rumor, take into account that its highly unlikely that Tannehill falls past the Dolphins at eight. With that being said, it would be disastrous if the Bills select Tannehill with their first pick and go completely against what Nix said in the team’s pre-draft press conference last Thursday. “You think at ten you’d get a starter. Now with us what we’d like to get is a difference maker, a play maker, an impact guy,” Nix said. The Bills are heavily invested in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chan Gailey is very high on him. Tannehill might be worth trying to develop if you’re a team that’s a few years off from playoff contention. The Bills are on the verge of becoming a playoff-caliber team and may just be one solid draft away from transitioning into a legitimate contender. Tannehill doesn’t help you in the short term and personally I don’t think he projects as a franchise-type quarterback. He reminds me of a Blaine Gabbert (who oddly enough was the tenth overall pick by the Jaguars last year) in that he’s been hyped up to be this exceptional can’t miss QB by guys like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper. He only started 19 games at the college level and he was splitting time with Jerrod Johnson for a few of those games. He’s got a good arm but was a wide receiver for the Aggies until his junior year. Tannehill could turn into a solid signal-caller at the pro level but if the Bills truly believe they can contend this year, he will not be the pick.


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