Rebuttal to Jennifer Gish


I can’t believe I’m indulging your true intention of writing this article by responding to it but I am.

You knew exactly what you were doing when you attacked a fan base that is the most loyal in the NFL…You wanted the attention. Now you are playing the sexism card demanding respect for women journalists everywhere when your true intention was creating a stir and getting your unwarranted 15 minutes of fame.

Now you’re going on local television broadcasts, bearing your cross, to continue the eternal struggle for women’s rights. I’m sure you worked hard in college to get your BS in Journalism and you might actually be a talented writer. Unfortunately for you, your 15 minutes is running out and you will undoubtedly be an afterthought after the Bills beat the Bengals to go 4-0 on Sunday.

Stop playing the role of martyr, stop your relentless pursuit for the “greater cause” and have the guts to admit that this is what you wanted all along. I live in Buffalo, and I found out about your story on deadspin. Congrats, you peaked my interest and moreover, my disgust, which I’m sure is a common trend among these commenters on this message board.

Admittedly, some of the comments on this story and your previous one are over the line, but when you try to play the sexist card you’re just being ridiculous. Every professional journalist deals with extreme criticism from time to time.

The most respected ones deal with it and move forward without putting themselves on the cross. You don’t think other female journalists don’t get the same reaction when they write or say something that a large viewership or readership doesn’t agree with?

Journalists, broadcasters and personalities of different gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation deal with harsh criticism on a daily basis. They’re just professional enough to get past it and continue to speak their opinions even if the general consensus doesn’t agree.

Get off your cross, stop trying to be a symbol of female oppression and just do your job. Be bigger than the stories you create and realize that not everyone is going to share your opinions.

Go Bills!!

One Response to “Rebuttal to Jennifer Gish”

  1. Richard Shepheard Says:

    Great article, JV! Mr. Shep

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