Will the Sabres be buyers or sellers?


Now that Terry Pegula has officially been sworn in as king of the Sabres’ throne it’s time to start thinking about the future. The NHL trade deadline is only six days away and it will certainly be interesting to see what approach Buffalo takes. Darcy Regier has come out publicly and said the team isn’t interested in acquiring expiring contracts and if they do make any moves it will be to solidify the future.

I believe the Sabres should attempt to do two things at the deadline: Sell off some stale players and make one significant splash for the future.

The time has come Darcy. It’s time to admit mistakes of the past and shake up this core. Trading away Tim Connolly and Craig Rivet should be no-brainers, but how about someone like Jochen Hecht or Paul Gaustad? What about Jason Pominville? If a team comes calling on any of these players I would sincerely hope Darcy gives it a lot of thought. In order for Buffalo to get to the next level it’s going to need to change the make-up of the team.

It’s no secret that the Sabres lack a true No. 1 center. It’s been that way since Chris Drury and Danny Briere left and no matter how well Derek Roy plays he isn’t on that level.  With a weak 2011 free agent class, a trade may truly be the only way to address this need. Another area I think the Sabres are lacking is a top defenseman to play along side Myers. Pairing him with a proven player could be the best thing for him. Below is a list of players I have heard mentioned in trader rumors (not all with Buffalo) and ones I think the Sabres should take a look at. The one thing to take from the Erik Johnson trade last week is that no player is untouchable.

1. Paul Stastny C: He makes 6.6 million per year and is signed through 2013-14.

2. David Backes RW: He’s going to make 4.5 million starting next season and is signed through 2015-16. The Blues have already shown they’re sellers this year.

3. Stephen Weiss C: He makes 3.1 million and is locked in for two more seasons.

4. Brad Richards C: He makes 7.8 million and is a free agent after this season. He doesn’t fit the description of the player Regier is looking for, but he would fill the No. 1 center role.

5. Dustin Brown RW: An Ithaca native, Brown makes 3.175 million and is locked up through 2013-14.

6. Alexander Semin RW: He’s slated to make 6.7 million next season.

7. Zach Parise LW: He’s going to be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, but he’s going to be a star in the league for a long time.

8. Pat Kane RW: He’s going to make 6.3 million and he’s locked up until 2014-15. Bringing back a Buffalo kid with his talent would have all the makings for a great story.

9. Brent Seabrook D: He’s going to be a restricted free agent next season, but it’s hard to think the Blackhawks are going to be able to sign him to a long term deal.

10. Robyn Regehr D: A solid veteran defenseman that is locked up for the next two seasons at 4.02 million.

Although there is no way most of these players get moved at the deadline, these are the type of players the Sabres should be inquiring about when the season ends. With the weak free agent class, trades may be the only way to make a significant roster move.

(Cap numbers provided by capgeek.com)

3 Responses to “Will the Sabres be buyers or sellers?”

  1. Russellmania Says:

    Regier won’t do much this trade deadline unless ordered to by Pegula and others in the new ownership. I would assume Rivet will be claimed by some team in search of defense stability, maybe even back to San Jose. Hecht has a pretty large contract and would be hard to move unless the sabres are willing to take on salary from another team. Pommy has a no trade clause so I don’t think he is going anywhere. Goose shouldn’t be going anywhere either because we are already in the bottom of the league in face off percentage and if TC is traded there will be a huge hole at center. I would shocked if the Sabres got any player in your top 10 there. If the sabres make any moves I would see them looking first at D, maybe Lilles if the asking price isn’t unreal, followed by center with face off abilities, maybe Reasoner from Florida. However, in the end the market this year favors sellers over buyers. Teams are having bidding wars and overpaying way to much, so maybe it would be best to either be sellers or content on trading TC and Niedsmorehands as well as waiving Rivet. I believe Kassian’s last game is March 2nd. So why not bring him up and give Byron a shot for the rest of the year.

    • gfalk87 Says:

      I agree with you that the Sabres wont trade for any of the guys in my list, but that’s the type of move they need to make to improve the team for the future. I think they will make a move at the deadline and someone like Liles would be a good fit. I’m not a big fan of Reasnor because we already have to many similar players, but adding a center would also be nice. I hope they can trade Connolly because he desperately needs a change of scenery. Now that the “shackles” are off lets see what Darcy can do!

  2. Phil Says:

    Brad Boyes ought to be on your list. He’s a much more reasonable yet still productive player to go after than Richards or Stastny, even if he’s a step down in talent.

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