Cam Newton a good fit for Bills?


Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has certainly been in the news a lot lately. Too bad its been for all the wrong reasons.

Newton, who has led the Tigers to the No. 2 ranking in college football this season, has recently been accused of soliciting money from colleges to help sway his decision on where he would ultimately play. Although nothing concrete has come of the allegations it adds to the list of character concerns about Newton.

But even with the off-the-field baggage you can’t help, but consider Newton an intriguing draft prospect. At 6’6″ he can make all the throws and he’s a proven gamer playing in the toughest conference in college football (SEC).

I know it’s still way to early to be linking college prospects with NFL teams, but I stand pat that the Bills biggest need in the draft is quarterback and that’s the premise of this article. I wrote a story earlier this week stating that I want Buffalo to secure the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft and in-turn take Andrew Luck if he comes out. There is a strong possibility, however, the Bills wont have the first overall pick and if Luck doesn’t end up coming out the more good quarterbacks available the better.

Wes Bunting, a draft expert for the National Football Post, wrote an excellent article breaking down Newton as a draft prospect because of all the hype he has been receiving. Bunting posted on Twitter Friday morning that he saw Newton as a good fit for the Bills because of his strong arm and his athletic ability.

I respect Bunting’s opinion of Newton being a good fit for Buffalo, but you could make a case that all of the top quarterbacks (Luck, Locker, Mallet) will all be a strong fit. The Bills need a quarterback plain and simple, but as of November 19 if I could pick one it would have to be Luck. A lot’s going to change between now and April, but adding another talented quarterback into the draft mix wont hurt. Is Newton worth a look if he comes out, I think so.

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